Editorial Work

The Ryersonian
27/02/15: Chang School Launches TED Talk-Style Conference
12/02/15: Ryerson Futures to Help Immigrant Entrepreneurs Through Start-Up Visa Program
09/02/15: Levy: CBC Report On Sexual Assault Compares “Apples to Oranges”
03/02/15: Mass Exodus Goes Digital with New E-Commerce App
29/01/15: Transform RU Runs Against Unite Ryerson in RSU Elections
26/01/15: Ryerson Alum’s Vision for the CNE as First Female General Manager
21/01/15: Chang School Program Helps Internationally Trained Doctors Find Work

Digital Journalism Coursework
Oct. 2013: Beauty Labels…. Debunked! [Infographic]

The Rocket Diaries
08/11/13: Construction of York University Subway Station Delayed
23/10/13: Battle of the Apps: What TTC App is Best For You?
04/10/13: TTC Refusing to Hike Transit Fares [Infographic]

Data Journalism Coursework
Apr. 2013: Bodybuilding Culture and Male Body Image (Storify/Video [Please request access])

Inside Track Communications
Jun. 2013: “Blind Curves” Book Review
Apr./May 2012: Risky Business

June 2012: Don’t Waste Your Summer: Learn About Internships and Co-Op Opportunities

The Eyeopener
13/09/11: Damn Heels, Damn Fine

Reverie Zine
2009-2011: Online preview only

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